Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Crochet Gloves - with Fingers!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to make gloves for a guy at work who struggles to buy gloves that fit as he has short wide hands.

It was a tricky project as everywhere there are patterns for fingerless gloves, wristwarmers, etc - but there are a lot less for 'proper' fingered-gloves (so to speak!).  In the end I found this one and used it as a very vague guide in so much as I crocheted from the top down - the fingers first.  But I used dc (tr UK) stitch and after looking at it for the initial idea, I mostly just made it up as I went along to try to fit it to his hands - made to measure!

Well, I finished them on Sunday night and handed them over yesterday at work - just in the nick of time as the temperature has plummeted!  He seems very pleased, reporting today that they are nice and warm.

If the baby finger on one glove looks smaller than the other - it is.  He damaged one of them playing rugby, so it's a bit crooked and didn't need as long a glove-finger on that hand.  See?  Bespoke!  (And during this process I discovered I seem to be the only person who calls it a 'baby' finger - but hey, I'm calling it that anyway!)

As I finished them in the evening and handed them over at work the next day, I didn't have much time to get any decent photos in daylight.  The above picture was in the morning before work, whilst it was still pretty dark and dingy.  The rest were in the office in artificial light, so excuse the quality...

These were worn by a female friend at work, who was helping me try to get an ok picture.  They don't fit her properly - you can see they're too big - but this gives you an idea.

As grateful as the recipient was, he is a bloke and they do not enjoy women fussing around them, trying to get them to hand-pose for pictures!!  (Especially when they're at work trying to do their job, which I should also have been doing - this is a place of work, not a craft club!)  This is the best I could get...ha!...

They do fit him very well (like... well, a glove - hilarious!)  I really am quite pleased.  When I spotted him putting them on to leave the office at the end of the day yesterday, I admit I felt a little proud!

So, there you have it - my first completed make of 2016.  I hope for lots more!

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  1. Hey these gloves are so brilliant! What a fantastic gift for your friend - he's a lucky guy! We call it the baby finger here. My little girl watches the family finger song on You Tube (there are many different versions) with each finger being a member of the family - so the smallest is of course the baby finger!
    I do hope you are going to write up this pattern to sell on Ravelry - I will buy it :o) Sam xxx

    1. Thanks so much Sam - I felt very chuffed that you would want to buy the pattern! I'm not sure I could write it well enough for it to be worthy of selling, though, as I wouldn't know how to adjust the pattern for different sized hands! But I think I'll try to write the method out and have it as a free pattern/guideline on my blog. I'll make a start on that!

      And I'm glad I'm not the only one with the 'baby finger'! xx

  2. They are very cool! I like the colour and they look funky on! Did you get the pattern down? xx

    1. Thanks Anna! I've got a vague idea of the pattern in my head. As I said to Sam above, I think I'll try to write out guidelines for how to make it. A lot of it depends on the hand in question - a tricky one! But I'll see what I can do! xx

  3. Oh Maria they are fantastic. A truly bespoke and thoughtful project! And I couldn't help myself but give a proper LOL at the last picture. Very classy. My kind of gentleman.

    And you should be proud! Damn proud! They look awesome! xx

    1. Aw, thanks Alex. And that picture made me laugh too! Just oozing with gratitude!! xx


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