Thursday, 7 February 2019

Baby Blanket Beginnings

I planned to post more frequently, but time has got away with me.  We have been trying to get our new house in order before the baby gets here, and everything takes much longer than you think and costs more than you anticipate!

The nursery is finally getting there, though - not too much more to go and we should hopefully have one lovely finished room amongst the rest of the chaos!  (Which also means we will be able to put some of the baby stuff in there, rather than it being scattered willy-nilly around the rest of the house!)

When I get chance, amongst all the DIY, I have been working on a pretty little baby blanket for our expected new arrival...

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

It's going to be made up of these pretty filet crochet heart squares, all crocheted together.

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

Above are the five colours I'm using.  I've got a back-up sixth colour, depending on how many squares I get out of each ball of yarn I'm using!

The pattern is the Christmas Cheer Heart on Ravelry.  I have changed it slightly by starting with a chainless foundation row of dc (US)/tr (UK) instead of a chain row and then the first row of dc/tr.  Instead of the white round, I have finished each square with a round of sc (US)/dc (UK) in the same colour as the square.  I may add another row of white sc/dc as part of the joining, as I plan to join in white... but we'll see when I get there!

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

The yarn I'm using is King Cole Cottonsoft DK in the below colours:

712 Rose
1600 Buttercup
713 Lilac (I think this is discontinued, but I found it on ebay)
715 Mint
716 Candy (I think this is discontinued but I found it on ebay)

I am using a 5mm hook, as that is my standard for DK yarn, as I'm a tight crocheter.

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

I have made 22 squares so far, with my current aim being 35 squares.  I've also nearly sewn all the ends in - there are just four squares hidden amongst these with ends awaiting!

I'll be back to show you any further progress I make on this... hopefully I'll get it done before the baby arrives!

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Creation Consolidation - 2018!

Hello!  Happy New Year and here I am again with another of these posts rounding up my makes for the year.

2018 was a crazy one!

We got married...

...we got pregnant...

...and we moved house!  

So, I've not done as much creating as I would like.  But, let's have a look at what I have done - this is just items that I finished in 2018, there are a few nearly finished things I need to get a move on with!  Click on the titles or the pictures to be taken to the blog posts with more information.

Knitted Shawl

Tilda Mini Drawstring Bags

Confetti Cones

Peek-a-Boo Crochet Baby Blanket

Paper Peonies

Wedding Reserved Signs

Colour Block Crochet Blanket

Wedding Tic Tac Label

Crate Table Plan

Wedding Place Names and Menus

Wedding Signs, Sweetie Bags and Decorative Tree

Stripy Crochet Blanket

Origami Paper Baubles

Felt Star Christmas Tree Decoration

There was actually a lot more than I thought!  A lot of it a bit different to usual, as there were wedding makes in there.  But I did finish a baby blanket and two full-sized blankets too!

If you are interested, here are my consolidation posts from previous years:

I didn't do a round-up for years before that, but you can see other finished items at the below links:

Here's to a great 2019 for us all!  It's going to be a different year for me, with our baby due in May!

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Monday, 31 December 2018

Felt Star Christmas Decoration

I thought I'd quickly get one last post in this year!  This is a new tradition I have started... to make a Christmas tree decoration every year.  I thought I'd start this year, as it's our first year as a married couple and our first year in our new house.  It seemed a good time to start!

Cute and easy felt star Christmas decoration for your tree.

I had been thinking of doing it, but didn't get round to it until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.  Because I'd left it so late, I just wanted something that I could whip up pretty quickly.

Therefore I went for a simple star.  I cut two star shapes out of aqua felt, using a plastic star template I had hanging around my craft room.

Cute and easy felt star Christmas decoration for your tree.

I sewed them together using blanket stitch and 4 strands of white embroidery thread.  (I think it was 4 strands anyway, I've already gone a little vague!)

I lightly stuffed the star just before finishing the blanket stitch, and then sewed a button on both sides through the middle, to add a bit of interest and emphasise the padded look.

Cute and easy felt star Christmas decoration for your tree.

Before sewing together, I embroidered the year on the back - which I plan to do with every decoration I make each year.  I also sewed the hanging loop of ribbon to the inside of the back piece, before sewing together.

It was up on the tree after dark on Christmas Eve...

Cute and easy felt star Christmas decoration for your tree.

Cute and easy felt star Christmas decoration for your tree.

I'm glad I managed to start this tradition in the nick of time.  I hope to do something a bit more elaborate next year... although the baby is due in May, so I have no idea how much time or motivation I'll have for crafting!  The tradition might start and end this year!

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Origami Paper Baubles

Well, it's been a while!  Things have been very busy here...

A few days after my last post, we got a happy positive result on a pregnancy test - I am now nearly 20 weeks pregnant!  Very exciting!

We also moved house in the second half of October, which kept us busy packing up the old house and trying to get sorted here in the new house.  We still have a way to go!

As well as that, I went through a 30 day collective consultation at work throughout November, but am relieved to report that I managed to keep my job.  Not everyone was as lucky, unfortunately, so it's been a strange time at work.

With all that going on, I have not achieved much in the way of crafting.  However, while unpacking my craft room last weekend, I found some origami paper and was instantly inspired to abandon my unpacking and create some paper baubles I'd seen on Pinterest!

Make these cute origami paper baubles!

You can find the pin here.  I prefer the baubles from the pin - the paper is gorgeous!  But I was just using what I had, and it was fun anyway!

I started with a blue one...

Make these cute origami paper baubles!

Then had to try a couple more colours...

Make these cute origami paper baubles!

You use two squares of paper - one for the top, one for the bottom.  They're actually not really origami, as you have to make a couple of cuts, and you stick the two halves together.  I'm sure it has another name, but I don't know what it is!

Make these cute origami paper baubles!

I then dug out some Christmassy scrap-booking/card-making paper squares I had.  These two were the result...

Make these cute origami paper baubles!

I love that paper on the right!!  It was my favourite when I used it in card-making years ago, and this bauble has finished the last couple of sheets.  I just love that funky spin on the traditional Christmas colours.

The Christmas paper was thicker than my origami paper, which I think gave a better finish, as it got less crumpled during the very fiddly part of sticking the two halves together.  The folding is easy - it's that sticking which is a tricky little blighter!  Although, the folds in corners are a bit neater on the thinner paper as doing a tight fold on thicker paper is more tricky.  All in all, though, I think they look pretty good!  What do you think?

Hopefully I won't leave it so long before my next post - I need to get busy creating... I've got a couple of things near to completion... and I'll have to fit some baby makes in!

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Sunday, 2 September 2018

YouTube Video / Podcast 3

I've recorded another podcast!  Here are the notes about the things I chatted about.

You can find the video embedded below...

Or click here to view on YouTube.


My completed stripy crochet blanket.  See the blog post here.

This yarn below by Dandelion and Dogwood with which I've knitted the Rosewater Shawl by Janina Kallio (still awaiting blocking):

I'm following the Winwick Mum Sockalong to make my socks.  Yarn is Stylecraft Head Over Heels 3103 Eiger.

Bunny Sock blockers are from the Knitting Shed.  First seen on Jooles - Sew Sweet Violet - blog/podcast.

Projects bags from Sam - Betsy Makes and Debbie - The Crimson Rabbit (plus yarn from Sam too.)

Animal Friends of Pica Pau (affiliate link) given to me by Matt of A Boy and Bunting.

I think that was everything!  I hope you enjoy the video!

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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Stripy Crochet Blanket

Hello!  Sorry it's been a while - the time is flying lately and I feel like I'm not staying on top of things.  However, I am here at last to show the stripy crochet blanket that I have finally finished!!  This has been in the making for nearly 5 years!

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

This is made from King Cole Cottonsoft DK, which is such a lovely soft yarn to work with, with a 5mm hook (instead of the 4mm recommended, as I have tight tension).

The colours are:

White (710)
Sky (714)
Mint (715)
Saxe (718)
Jade (781)

I used 3 balls of each, so 15 balls 100g balls in total.

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

It's a pretty big blanket, as you can see from it draped over (and covering!) my armchair.  It's quite difficult to get a good picture of, but I've tried some different shots to give an idea...

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

The stripes of colour are in three different thicknesses - 2 row stripes, 4 row stripes, and 6 row stripes.  It is made entirely from treble(UK)/double(US) crochet.  Each colour is used evenly throughout the blanket, in an apparently random way.  It's not random, of course - it was very carefully planned out!  I'm clearly too uptight for the random method!  ;)

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

It's big and soft and great to snuggle under!

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

I can't believe I've finally finished it, after all this time!  You can actually see it in my first podcast (my YouTube channel is here) but it wasn't quite finished then.  I am planning to record another video in the next week or so, and will be sure to show it off then!

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

If you're interested, my colour order and stripe plan is below:

Beautiful cute and easy stripy crochet blanket.

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Heart Embroidery - A Beautiful Gift

My dear friend, Anna, gave me this beautiful cross-stitch heart picture as a wedding gift when I got married back in May.

Heart cross-stitch - wedding gift

It is always so special to receive a handmade gift.  As a maker, myself, I appreciate the work which goes into something handmade, and it always means so much to me.  (I had been secretly hoping for a treasure made by Anna - I was not disappointed!!!)

Heart cross-stitch - wedding gift

I thought I'd share it here, as it's so pretty and clever.  She picked turquoise colours - as I love them!

Heart cross-stitch - wedding gift

Thank you so much Anna - I will treasure it!

Heart cross-stitch - wedding gift

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

YouTube Video / Podcast Two

Yes, I've recorded another one!  I talk about cross stitch, crochet and knitting... with a little bit of chat.

You can find it embedded below...

Or you can view on YouTube here.

This yarn below by Dandelion and Dogwood with which I'm knitting the Rosewater Shawl by Janina Kallio:

My African Flower cushion - find out more here.

Extreme knitting - find out more here.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

YouTube Video / Podcast One

Well... I've been thinking of doing this for a while - and today I just went ahead and did it!  I've recorded a video for YouTube!  I have a new Dinki Dots channel... and I plan to do podcasts every now and then.  (Actually, I always thought podcasts were audio only - not video - but in the crafting world everyone seems to call the craft videos podcasts... so I've gone with it...)

It is not the most flattering video - I think I need to position my laptop (with webcam) higher, so that I'm not looking down.  Also the lighting didn't make me look great - a darkened room would probably do the trick in that area!  ;)  I was quite nervous as well - it was a weird experience!  Hopefully I'll get used to it and will be more relaxed in future.  It is certainly not the most polished of videos - but it's a start!  If I waited for perfection, I'd never upload anything!  I can improve in time, I hope.

It's just a short video - about 10 minutes - although it's taking forever to upload.  As I type this, there are still 2 hours to go of upload time.  Rob says it's because our broadband is rubbish.  So, it's lucky I didn't film any longer!

When it's uploaded (and when I figure out how) I will embed the video below:

Or you can view over on YouTube here.

Debbie of The Crimson Rabbit (shop)
Anna of Nrelva blog
Sam of Betsy Makes (shop)
Lucy of Attic24

Hopefully it's not too unbearable to watch!  It's a bit scary putting it out there!

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Wedding Signs, Sweetie Bag Labels and a Decorative Tree

Isn't that a catchy title?!  This is the last of my wedding craft related posts - phew!  I've grouped the outstanding bits into this post, and then we'll hear no more about it!

*I've linked to the products I used - if they've got an asterix then they are an affiliate link.  If not, then they're not.  You don't pay anything more for using an affiliate link - I would just get a few pennies if you did buy anything.  (I think I would, anyway - I wouldn't really know as I've never earned anything so far, in the very very rare times I've tried using an affiliate link!  But that's fine by me - I'm just a hobby blogger!)

I made a couple of signs for the wedding.  One to go with the guest book...

Wedding Guest Book Sign

I printed on the same hammered card I used for all the rest of my wedding crafting (hard to see the texture in the photo, but it made it look a little fancier!) and put it in a box frame with a gold bow.

Wedding Guest Book Sign

The gold bow picked up the gold on the guest book and the pens.  I made crepe paper peonies to go with them as a bit of extra decoration.

Links to items:
Pen 1 *

The other sign was for the sweet table...

Wedding Sweet Table Sign

This was the same style box frame as the other one.  I just had these at home - bought from Homebase years ago.  I printed on the hammered card again and used an aqua bow this time - that matched all the place names and menus.  The colour scheme of the wedding was aqua with touches of pink and a bit of gold.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

I made labels for the sweetie bags.  I ordered the bags from Amazon - links below - and designed my own labels that I printed off and stuck on.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

And finally, I decorated a white decorative tree with aqua, pink and gold bows that I made from ribbon.  I firstly wrapped it in tiny wire fairy lights, that I already had from a couple of Christmases ago.

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels

This went on the sweet table too.

Aqua Ribbon (I think it's this one - I bought it in store)
The pink and gold ribbon was also from Hobbycraft, but I'm not sure which ones.

Here was the sweet table on the day...

Wedding Sweet Table Sign and Paper Sweet Bags with Cute Labels
Photo by LJ Photographics

I don't think the lights on the tree were switched on yet - as they were only put on when the evening guests arrived and the sweet table was made available to all!

Links to:
Sweet Jars * (they were plastic)
Sweet Tongs - I bought them from ebay, but the seller appears to have been removed from ebay!  There are plenty on Amazon, though - like these * which look the same as the ones I bought.

And I do believe that is it on the Wedding crafting front!

Check out more of my wedding crafting here. 

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